LocationMap for Adobe Connect is a great icebreaker for your "entrance lobby"

Find out where your participants are located, and let them see who else is joining and from where. Show or hide the names of your participants. 

Key information about the app can be found in the links on this page. 

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Current version is
 v2.2.2-0   -  Updated Thursday 3 January 2013

CHANGES in v2.2.2.0 - 3rd January 2013
Bug Fixes:
- Scroll bar issues resolved in the movable user-list 
- Improved performance of the "pod clean out process" on Connect room re-opening

CHANGES in v2.1.3-1 - 13th November 2013
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed pod sync message overload when high number of users and fast layout changes executed
- Fixed "end meeting" not removing user names from user list on next load
- Fixed user list vertical scroll bar not representing true size of user list when user list is not full height

CHANGES IN  v2.1.3-0  - 9th November 2012
New Features:
- Locations are remembered with layout changes
- User Interface display is now local to each user
- Alphabetical order of user list
- Moveable user list / control panel
- Resizeable user list / control panel
- Initial view is satellite not road.
- Optimised sizing of user names in user list (smaller font)
- Improved performance (load and run)
- Reduced file size

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed tool tips sticking on layout change
- Fixed registration problems
- Fixed attendee role change not being recognised
- Fixed nag message click problem (participant only)
- Fixed license check - unregistered message in participant view is now accurate