CHANGES in v2.2.3.0 - 15th October 2014
Bug Fixes
- Satellite view fixed map tiles render when zooming in
- Optimisations with licence and version checking for faster start up

CHANGES in v2.2.2.0 - 3rd January 2013
Bug Fixes:
- Scroll bar issues resolved in the movable user-list 
- Improved performance of the "pod clean out process" on Connect room re-opening

CHANGES in v2.1.3-1 - 13th November 2012
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed pod sync message overload when high number of users and fast layout changes executed
- Fixed "end meeting" not removing user names from user list on next load
- Fixed user list vertical scroll bar not representing true size of user list when user list is not full height

CHANGES IN  v2.1.3-0  - 9th November 2012
New Features:
- Locations are remembered with layout changes
- User Interface display is now local to each user
- Alphabetical order of user list
- Moveable user list / control panel
- Resizeable user list / control panel
- Initial view is satellite not road.
- Optimised sizing of user names in user list (smaller font)
- Improved performance (load and run)
- Reduced file size

Bug Fixes: 
- Fixed tool tips sticking on layout change
- Fixed registration problems
- Fixed attendee role change not being recognised
- Fixed nag message click problem (participant only)
- Fixed license check - unregistered message in participant view is now accurate